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Welcome to Web Effect Marketing

Welcome to WebEffectMarketing.com. Rocket Daddy, Inc. is proud to offer WebEffect™. WebEffect™ represents the best in affiliate marketing practices and sales tracking systems. We work to provide accurate accounting of sales and the reporting necessary to measure true ROI. Our OAC (Online Aggregator Consolidator) system allows our partners to utilize multiple affiliate programs simultaneously, thereby leveraging their many relationships and traffic. Our system connects to over 20,000 publishers and 40,000,000 viewers monthly.

Our mission is simple: We work equally for the benefit and success of our partners and affiliate networks publishers to set up win-win relationships. We believe in accountability, integrity, creativity and efficiency as primary tenets of success in business. We look forward to working with you and for your success.

Most sincerely,

George Kurt Artecona, CEO Rocket Daddy, Inc.

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